Sunday, 13 November 2016

Week #46 - Recipe for a heavy heart

This week was long, dark and scary! 

The time change and approaching winter solstice set the stage for a week of doing chores in the dark and feeling like you weren't completely sure what time it was. I've never been able to explain why gaining an hour creates such havoc in our sleep patterns! 

Like many folks, I found myself swept up in the American trainwreck on Tuesday. I cycled through a series of emotions from horror, to anger to sadness. I do not yet feel like I've fully processed what has happened and what it means for so many. The symbolism of Trump's victory casts long shadows on the progressive lifestyle that I so often feel so grateful for in North America. While I hope that all our fears are misguided and unfounded, I do not hold out much hope on that front. 

Tuesday's events in the US, seemed to make Friday's somber ceremonies of remembrance for the fallen, whose shoulders we all stand on, seem fragile and bittersweet. Add the loss of a much loved and talented Canadian icon and the week seemed too much to bear.  

All that being said, I find myself on Sunday night feeling more optimistic and content and ready to continue to celebrate and honour the values that are important to me. Looking back, I find a simple recipe has soothed my heavy heart. 

  • Surround yourself with those you love
  • Add in some cuddles and laughter with young souls (babies and puppies work best)
  • Work until you hurt at something worthwhile
  • Blend in plenty of fresh local food
  • Marinate heavily in sunshine and gentle breezes
  • Repeat...

Next week is going to be better! Be good to each other!

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